Sanitise your mattress

  • Mattresses are the main living and breeding grounds for dust mites who thrive in the environmental conditions and ready food source (dead skin cells).

  • Mould and fungus spores thrive in the closed environment inside some mattresses.

  • Bed bug infestations are an increasing concern both domestically and in the accommodation industry.

  • Bacteria thrive on dried sweat and other body fluids, dead skin cells and various contaminants on and in your mattress.

  • Asthma and allergic reactions may be triggered by dust mites and their feces, dead mites, mould, fungus and contaminated moisture in a mattress. One way that moisture can be introduced into a mattress is by "steam cleaning". When steam cools to water, that moisture stays inside the mattress even after the surface dries. A moist atmosphere in the mattress can greatly assist in the growth of mites, moulds and fungus. Only "dry clean" mattresses.

  • A quality mattress is a substantial investment and warrants professional maintenance to protect that investment (as well as protecting your health). Mattresses become contaminated rapidly but are often ignored as the contaminants are minute (though dangerous) and invisible to the naked eye. Regular maintenance will extend your mattresses life thereby returning your service investment.

  • Sun Fresh 3 Step Process will remove bacteria, dust mites, dust mite eggs, dust mite feces, dead skin particles, fungal spores and mould leaving your mattress clean, sanitised, safer and smelling lavender fresh.

  • If you're considering sanitising your mattress, don't "sleep on it",                    now and rest easy tonight.