Step 1 Vacuum clean  Removes dust mites, dust mite eggs, dead dust mites, dander, dead skin particles, mould and fungus spores and general dust / allergens with the very powerful "Kirby Sentria II" vacuum cleaner. This vacuum utilizes high frequency vibrations to assist in drawing the minute particles to the surface. The Kirby Sentria II is a high grade "HEPA" vac which is the highest grade mattress vacuum available and will trap the particles inside and not allow them to be released back into the room via the dust bag or vacuum exhaust (as many other vacuums will). Our vacuum equipment is only used on mattresses and not on floors to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. On some occasions we may use the equipment on furniture such as couches where it is also very effective.

Step 2  UV sterilization  The best thing you can do to sterilize your mattress is to leave it out in the warm sunlight (UVC) for the day.  As that’s not usually practical, after the thorough vacuuming, we treat the surface of the mattress with a powerful UVC lamp which eliminates 100% of surface bacteria, fungus and mould spores. It is important to realize that the UV treatment alone is not enough. The UV does not penetrate the mattress to any great degree. It only sterilizes the surface and all the particle contaminants must be removed prior. Unless the UVC device is of a certain grade it will do very little at all. Our lamp is manufactured in the USA to high commercial standards and has been laboratory tested and certified in Australia to be 100% effective. We use a separate lamp as we found the lamps that were “fitted” to similar vacuum cleaners carried no Australian certification or proof of efficacy and are possibly of little use.

Step 3  Freshen with Lavender  Our final process is to treat the mattress with a high grade lavender essence germicide formula specially designed for sterilization and freshening mattresses. This leaves the mattress with an ongoing bacteria treatment that will be effective for some months. The fresh lavender fragrance (not overwhelming ) has also been quite well documented to promotes rest and relaxation. Neutral smelling treatment is also an option if preferred. 


We have powerful stain removal treatments using safe, non allergenic cleaners and we will do our best to remove the stain. We cant guarantee to fully remove any stain as it is not always feasible to do so without damaging the mattress.