Commercial Services

           Are your mattresses professionally cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis?

Do you promote this positive fact in your marketing?

Guest benefits include:

Relief for allergy and asthma sufferers (removing dust mites, mould, bacteria, odour, etc).

• General reassurance that their mattress is fresh and hygienic (card left on bed - see below).

Fresh and clean smelling mattress.

Hotel benefits include:

Attracting clients who are seeking the most hygienic environment possible.

• Providing an asthma and allergy safer environment for the many sufferers.

Extending mattress life and protecting a valuable investment.

• Proving a valuable marketing edge by promoting the fact that your mattresses are professionally cleaned and sanitized.

Marketing tools provided by Sun Fresh include card to leave on each bed advising the bed has been sanitized,        website link, certificate to display advising the hotel is a client of Sun Fresh Mattress Sanitising Services.

• Tailored service plans designed to suit your individual requirements and budget.

• Sun Fresh appreciates the logistical issues of commercial properties (rooms not always available etc) and we will work with you to meet your individual requirements.

• Our service is basically dry and so beds can be made up minutes after sanitizing.

• Our low service costs will be negated by the total added value to your property.

• Our service is safe and non-toxic / non-allergenic.

• We use highest quality, professional equipment such as the Kirby “HEPA” VAC and laboratory certified UVC lamp.

Please                   to arrange an obligation and cost free demonstration of the effectiveness of our services and to discuss your individual needs. We are sure you will be amazed by what we bring out of your mattress during the demonstration.

*Card to leave on each made bed to reassure guests. Cards provided as part of Sun Fresh service*

(Gold Coast & Brisbane areas)