Sun Fresh 3 Step Process will remove bacteria, dust mites, dust mite eggs, dust mite feces, dead skin particles, fungal spores and mould leaving your mattress clean, sanitised, safer and smelling lavender fresh. If you're considering sanitising your mattress, don't"sleep on it",                    now and rest easy tonight.


Sun Fresh understands the need for the accommodation industry to offer their guests the highest grade amenities when it comes to health and comfort. It’s a win win situation when the site can maintain a high standard of hygiene in the rooms, minimize the risk of guest discomfort and at the same time enhance the guest experience. Our 3 step process will sanitize the mattresses for several months and our                          will comfort guests in the knowledge that their bed is well maintained and safe. Sun Fresh appreciates the logistical situation (rooms not always available or off line etc) of the accommodation industry and we’ll work closely with the site to tailor maintenance programs in line with their needs. Our process is dry and non toxic. Beds can be made up minutes after sanitizing.

Domestic Service Area:

Gold Coast North

Commercial Service Areas:

Brisbane & Gold Coast